Feb 06, 2016

...Welcome to Washington County and to the website of Eastland Realty. As New England counties go, Washington County, Maine is big. It's also beautiful in a rustic, rural, primitive way. While not far off the beaten path—U.S. Route 1 is its main artery—it is happily tucked away in the most northeastern corner of the United States. It is as far from one end of the county to the other as from Boston, Massachusetts to Albany, New York. The county is nearly as large in area as the State of Connecticut and has 2 cities, 44 towns, and a population of 35,000.

The tempo of life here is unhurried; the people who live in the county are honest, hardworking folks who make their living from fishing, forest products, papermaking, and blueberrying. They live in one of the nation’s best playgrounds. In just a few minutes drive, they can be deep in the woods, boating on one of hundreds of lakes, or beachcombing along the sparkling seashore.

There is plenty to do year-round. The air is clean, the water is pure, and the natives believe there is more to life than rushing through it. The hunting and fishing are some of the best remaining in the northeast. There are 2,500 square miles of forestlands, numerous lakes, rivers and streams, and almost 1,000 miles of ocean coastline in the county. Yet, with only about 13 people per square mile, we think that the pleasing lifestyle of this region will attract hundreds of people for seasonal or year-round enjoyment.

The main office of Eastland Realty is located on Route 1 in Machias. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM and at other times by special appointment. Our office phone is (207) 255-3912. Or, to contact our agents individually at home, see Contact Us.

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